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Client Education (this page is under construction)


There are many places on the internet to find information regarding your pet's health and diet. As a veterinary team we encourage clients to use the internet to learn! Here are some great places to start.


All of the websites or handouts you can click on here are written by industry experts, veterinarians or delivered by organizations our veterinarians, technicians and client care staff use to expand and continue our own veterinary educations.

Disaster Preparedness
Canine Information
Feline Information
Canine Diets
 Veterinary Specialists
Feline Diets
Fun Stuff
Diagnostic Testing

Laboratory testing such as urine testing, blood testing, and fecal parasite testing is routinely conducted for wellness visits or if your pet is being evaluated for an illness. These types of tests are often required for a complete and accurate diagnosis.


Our in-house laboratory equipment provides our veterinarians with access to results that are delivered quickly and accurately, allowing for us to formulate a specific plan to effectively care for your pet.


We also utilize Antech Laboratory (the largest veterinary lab in the US) for more advanced testing.  They provide us with twice daily sample pick up and results are available for most tests  24-48 hours after submission.

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